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Not a Practitioner or Fitness Provider?

That’s ok, you can still benefit from the Foods 2 Flourish meal plans and nutrition programs! Simply choose an option for an Individualised or ready made meal plan, in the shop and we can work together to help you on your nutrition journey! 

Hi, I’m Mel

A clinical nutritionist with a passion for creating recipes, meal plans, menu plans and nutrition programs! 

Do you have clients that feel overwhelmed by starting a new way of eating? 

Do your clients go away feeling excited to start their wellness journey, only to quite quickly return to their old eating habits? 

Do your clients have specific dietary requirements and are feeling lost as to how they start, their new way of eating? 

Want to provide clients with a beautiful therapeutic meal plan, but don’t know where to start? 

Offering an awesome fitness program, but know a nutrition program would enhance client compliance and outcomes?  

Creating beautiful therapeutic meal plans and nutrition programs is my zone of genius!

You’ll no longer have to pull your hair out trying to create the perfect plan, I’ll take the hassle and time of creating a beautiful therapeutic meal plan or nutrition program, out of your hands!

Your clients will feel less stressed and overwhelmed by food, helping you gain better compliance and greater outcomes! Who doesn’t want to enhance their clients experience and outcomes???

Get a Foods 2 Flourish Meal Plan or Nutrition Program today and start:

* BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS – creating a better customer experience = greater referrals!!!

* SAVE TIME & MONEY – while I’m creating your beautiful nutrition program, you can focus on your zone of genius and niche, helping you increase your client base and therefore your income!!!

* PROVIDE YOUR CLIENTS EFFECTIVE RESOURCES – use resources you know have been designed and individualised to your needs, so you can be safe in the knowledge your clients are getting the most effective resources, to support your treatment and programs.

* PROVIDE YOUR CLIENTS NOURISHING NUTRITIONAL PLANS – clients want to see results, using therapeutic recipes and specialised nutrition programs to enhance your services, ensures they are receiving the best nutrition to support your work.

* IMPROVE CLIENT COMPLIANCE – reducing client overwhelm & stress = greater compliance!!!

* GAIN BETTER CLIENT OUTCOMES – with greater compliance, comes greater outcomes!

* HELP YOU EARN A LITTLE EXTRA INCOME – practitioners can join the affiliate program, so not only are you supporting your clients nutritional needs, your earning a little extra income on the side! That’s a WIN – WIN!!!

Practitioners help your clients + earn money now

The Foods 2 Flourish Affiliate Program offers a wide array of pre-built meal plans with generous commission rates

Fitness Providers - Enhance Your Programs TODAY!

Foods 2 Flourish Nutrition Programs help enhance your Fitness Programs, so clients feel supported and accomplished!