What is the Foods 2 Flourish Affiliate Program?

Foods 2 Flourish offers a Therapeutic Meal Plan Affiliate Program for practitioners – simply apply to sign up to the program, once accepted you will receive a unique affiliate link. All ready-made meal plan purchases via the affiliate will attract a percent benefit, while individual plans attract a one-off referral benefit. Simply purchase plans on behalf of your client, by using your unique link (think of it as any other scripted item you would add to the your treatment plan). The client receives the plan and you receive a commission each month!!!

Which Plan Should I Choose?

The Plans

Ready-made Affiliate Plans

Individualised Plan

Signature Program

The Details

For each purchase* made via your affiliate link, you’ll receive a percentage of the plan

1 - 10 plans

1 – 10 plans will attract a benefit of 20% of sales purchases for the month

11 - 20 plans

11 – 20 plans will attract a benefit of 25% of sales purchases for the month

21+ plans

21+ plans will attract a benefit of 30% of sales purchases for the month


To read the full terms and conditions associated with the meal plan affiliate program.


* See the affiliate terms & conditions to see what constitutes a sale

Do You Have A Client Needing A More Individualised Approach To Their Menu Plan?

Do you have a client that needs a more tailored individualised meal plan, but don’t have the time to create a plan yourself?
That’s ok! I love the challenge of putting together a beautiful meal plan, for those tricky cases where clients need to cut out a few different foods or food groups!#

When would you use this service?

  • You’ve carried out  Food Intolerance Testing, Bio-Compatibility Testing, Allergy Testing or another form of testing that requires the removal of foods or food groups from your client’s diet.
  • You can’t locate a ready made plan that will suit your clients more restricted needs!
  • You need a plan to suit everyone in the family’s dietary needs.
  • You have a specific set of dietary requirements you feel your client would benefit from trialling. 
  • Your client has complex likes and dislikes or specific dietary preferences. 

Does this services attract a commission?

You’ll receive a one-off referral fee of $15 per client for individualised planning  (this is a set fee regardless of weeks or number of plans purchased) and the fee will be added to your commission for the month. 

Can I have individual plans branded in my logo? 

If you would like an Individualised meal plan branded for your client, fees are as follows and apply on top of the individualised plan fees:
7 days = $10
14 days = $15
21 days = $20
28 days = $25

Does the client consult with Foods 2 Flourish? 

All consultation is done directly with the practitioner, you will be contacted if I require further details to complete your clients meal plan. 


Creating plans like this can take time, time that you could be investing in consultations or other areas of your business.


#Please Note: if your client has a very restrictive diet or is a complicated case, please contact me before purchasing an individualised plan for a quote, as these types of plans often require more time and sometime recipe development.


How does it work?

7 Day Individualised Plan

Approximately 18 – 22 recipes, menu plan, shopping list & personalised notes. 

Fee: $179 

14 Day Individualised Plan

Approximately 18 – 22 recipes per week, 2 x menu plan, 2 x shopping list & personalised notes. 

Fee: $338

21 Day Individualised Plan

Approximately 18 – 22 recipes per week, 3 x menu plan, 3 x shopping list & personalised notes. 

Fee: $477

28 Day Individualised Plan

Approximately 18 – 22 recipes per week, 4 x menu plan, 4 x shopping list & personalised notes. 

Fee: $596

Looking for something more?

Something individual for your clinic, niche or program?

Signature Programs are your answer!


Why not get signature meal plans, ebooks or therapeutic meal programs for your business. Branded for your practice and suiting your individual needs.

I have built meal plan programs, meal plans for specific niches and also ebooks for programs for other practitioners and they love having something unique and branded for their business. Contact me at hello@foods2flourish.com.au to discuss your needs and obtain a signature program information package.