3 Week Gut Healing Meal Plan


21 Day Gut Healing Meal Plan

3 Menu Plans for the price of 2!


This is a 3 week gut healing protocol ot help kick start your clients transition to eating a wholefoods diet. It is presented as 3 x 7 Day Meal Plan PDF’s.  Each week includes the 7 Day menu plan, shopping list & recipes. 

The plan is based on the idea that by introducing a whole food diet, we naturally crowd out the processed foods that are quite often damaging our gut and preventing us from absorbing the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need to heal and repair our gastrointestinal system.

WEEK 1: Is all about resting the digestive system, by providing easy to digest meals, full of anti-inflammatory soothing nutrients, prebiotic foods to feed the good ‘gut bacteria’ and healing omega 3’s, while also introducing gut repairing broths. 

WEEK 2: Builds on week 1, with more anti-inflammaotry, shoothing & healing nutrients, with the addition of fermented probiotic foods, gut strengthening collagen and the powerhouse antioxidant that is matcha! Plus, a whole lot of other nutrients aimed at improving the gut microbiome! 

WEEK 3: The first 2 weeks have been based on nutrients aimed at improving the gut microbiome, healing the gastrointestinal lining and strengthening the gut. This week builds on this by adding more immune boosting properties and incorporating new nourishing wholefoods.



Macro-nutrient Breakdown

All plans are nutritionally balanced to ensure a wide range of macro & micro nutrients! 

The percentages and figures are an average across all 7 days. 

  • Carbs 35% 35%
  • Protien 20% 20%
  • Fats 45% 45%

Plan Breakdown

Across the 3 plans: 

Calories: 1700 – 1730

Fiber:  40 – 45g

Plans do not contain the macro or micro-nutrient breakdown within the PDF (unless otherwise noted) as this can create overwhelm. I can provide a detailed daily macro/micro-nutrient breakdown, on request.