7 Day Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)


AIP 7 Day Plan


This plan has been based on the elimination phase of the autoimmune protocol.

The plan is not a high calorie plan, should your client require more calories, simple and quick AIP snacks could easily be added to the plan. 



Macro-nutrient Breakdown

All plans are nutritionally balanced to ensure a wide range of macro & micro nutrients! 

The percentages and figures are an average across all 7 days. 

  • Carbs 25% 25%
  • Protien 15% 15%
  • Fats 60% 60%

Plan Breakdown


Fiber: 30g

Plans do not contain the macro or micro-nutrient breakdown within the PDF (unless otherwise noted) as this can create overwhelm. I can provide the  micro-nutrient breakdown, on request.