7 Day Nourishment for Hypothalamic Amenorrhea


Nourishment for Amenorrhea 7 Day Plan


This plan has been based on differing research suggesting that to heal hypothalamic amenorrhea, a minimum of 2000 calories a day should be consumed, with a minimum of 150g carbohydrate, plenty of good quality hormone healing fats and adequate protein. 

Should your client require more calories, an evening snack could easily be added to the existing plan, when advising your client of the dietary recommendations. 



Macro-nutrient Breakdown

All plans are nutritionally balanced to ensure a wide range of macro & micro nutrients! 

The percentages and figures are an average across all 7 days. 

  • Carbs 35% 35%
  • Protien 20% 20%
  • Fats 45% 45%

Plan Breakdown

Calories: 2000

Fat: 105g

Carbs: 180g

Protein: 95g

Fiber: 40g

Plans do not contain the macro or micro-nutrient breakdown within the PDF (unless otherwise noted) as this can create overwhelm. I can provide the micro-nutrient breakdown, on request.