Flourish Bowls


Flourish Bowls


Want to help your clients understand how to build a nourishing buddha style bowl, so their bodies can flourish? This ebook sets out a step-by-step blueprint to building a balanced bowl of goodness! 


Nourishing Flourish Bowls

The ebook outlines a step-by-step guide to building beautifully nutritious bowls in 5-10 minutes. Perfect for those clients who are time poor, need to take lunch or dinner with them on the go, or those clients needing some extra support and education on how to build a meal that is nourishing. 

What’s Included?

  • Outline, fridge & pantry basics list.
  • Flourish Bowl Blueprint – how to build a bowl.  
  • 10 recipes to prepare the basics, for prep-ahead and bowl building.
  • 5 Bonus recipes, showing how to use the basics in more meals.